Letter from the Executive Director

Dear friends and supporters,

As Executive Director of KidSenses Children’s INTERACTIVE Museum and The Factory, I have been privileged to serve as a steward of this cherished institution for over two years. I have seen firsthand the overwhelming joy and appreciation in the faces of the thousands of children and adults who have visited the museum or participated in its many outreach programs.

When I first interviewed for the position I was amazed; KidSenses is a miracle. A museum of this size and quality in a small rural town is almost unique. And meeting many of the remarkable people who shepherded this institution into being was humbling. KidSenses Museum is a testimony to the vision and spirit of this community, a place which I am proud to now call home.

My goal and that of the Board and Staff of the museum, and of the residents and officials of our town and beyond, is to ensure that KidSenses continues to grow and thrive. I believe the best way to ensure a bright future for this museum is to fulfill the promise outlined our case for support document. I hope you will too.

Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully read this plan for expansion, and I trust you will join us in making it a reality.

Many thanks,

J. Willard Whitson
Executive Director
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Download Case for Support Document